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This morning I was delighted to read an article on NPR concerning various types of water conservation.

I have been advocating the use of Rain Gardens for YEARS!  I LOVE that the idea is catching on everywhere.  It’s about time!

At any rate, aside from MY words, here is a web site that tells about ALL kinds of Green Infrastructure.

Here at Horizon House, we should be proud that our building is home to a Green Roof!IMG_2856  In fact, our apartment looks right down on that green roof.  At the moment it is enduring some repair.  Somehow it “sprung a leak” which is definitely NOT good, and not something you like to see, but even with that setback, being in the final stages of repair, it will soon be doing it’s job of keeping the rain, over our little corner of Seattle, from flowing into the drainage sewers!

Our garden beds, on three separate levels, are also definite “rain catchers” as you can see in this photo. IMG_2884

Ours is in an urban area, however raingardens can be utilized ANYWHERE!  Those of you who live at Horizon House, be proud of your green roof, and be aware that we are on the cusp of something very good!  Those of you who do NOT live here, maybe you should encourage your building administrators to see if this wouldn’t be something you could do to help our environment!

If you live outside of the city, you have even a better opportunity to build something into your surrounding area.  Instead of laying down asphalt the next time you need a new driveway, think of a permeable driveway!


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