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Here it is the end of April, and I’m still procrastinating about writing here.  We’ve settled nicely into our new apartment and are enjoying it’s cozy ambience.

I’ve hung a tiny Hummingbird Feeder that has been totally ignored by the hummers I IMG_5049know are here.  The reason I put it up was that a hummer came right to the window, as they used to do in New Hampshire when the feeders were getting low.  I took it as a sign, and went right out and got a little feeder.  (It has to be small since it has to be removed when the window cleaner guys come.)  That’s OK.  At the present rate, even the tiny one is too big!!!

Earlier this week our Garden Committee sponsored a trip to the Weyerhauser campus to see the Rhododendron Garden and the Pacific Bonsai Museum (in Federal Way).

It was a fabulous trip.  I LOVED seeing the Bonsai.  I hope I’ll have the opportunity to spend even more time there in the future.



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I just came back from the gardens on Level D. IMG_3640 While talking with Adele and Jim R. we had the pleasure of seeing a hummer enjoying the flowers in their patch.  It paid NO heed to our presence, although we were but a few feet away.

Hummingbirds are such pleasant participants in our gardening experiences.  To be out there gardening and having them buzzing around your head is a pleasure like no other.

If you see hummers, either regularly or just occasionally, here’s a Hummingbird site that allows you to participate with Audubon in tracking these little guys.

If you would like to feed these delicate creatures, here is a website that will tell you everything about that process.  It is from Louisiana, so it’s a bit out of our area, but the facts are still VERY usable.  Whatever you’d like to know about feeding hummingbirds can be found at this site.  There is also a list of plants with flowers they find irresistible.

The very best thing to do is plant the flowers they like to visit…but feeders are sure to bring them around.  It is just important that you keep the feeders clean, and full.

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