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This year I went to the show for TWO days!  My son in-law gave me two tickets.  At first I didn’t know what to do with TWO tickets, and he suggested I either invite a friend or go on  two days!  DUH!!!

I chose the two days because I tend to be a “loner” at things like this.  I hate to wait around for someone else to finish looking when I’m ready to move on.  Not only  that, I’m a “Seminar” kind of gal.  I’d prefer to just look around at the displays quickly; img_6075check img_6071out all the things for sale; and then head for the Seminar rooms to learn something new and see some pretty spectacular gardening photography!  So, that sounded like a great idea.  I did it, and I’m so very glad!  I had two days of seminars, as well as checking out the displays.  I attended 7 in all, and learned a LOT!img_6070

Walking into the venue has the usual effect.  Scents of Spring and color enough to blow your socks off.  The exhibits were lovely, as usual.  Even little children find them attractive!

I went to a number of seminars about Succulents.  I have chosen to make my little garden here at Horizon House an “easy care” garden, and I chose to do that with various pots filled with  SUCCULENTS! *img_5597.jpg In these classes however, I learned that I wasn’t exactly doing it correctly.  Right now everything is growing properly, but according to the “gurus” it probably won’t last that way.  So, it’s back to the drawing board for me.img_6076

I need more sand and some gravel.  That might be a bit tricky, but I’m up to the challenge.  I have to remember that someday, someone else may garden my little plot, and they may prefer not to have gravel!  (Gravel is a nightmare to remove.)  img_6077Of course, the reason I’ve chosen pots is that the soil is root-bound from a neighboring tree.  There will be no cutting back of those roots, because the tree is going to STAY!  SO, the pots will have to have some sand and gravel added.  I’m  not in any huge rush.  It will wait until the weather is cooperative, to say nothing of my body!

Which brings up another seminar I attended about “Adaptive Gardening”.  This is a topic I am pretty conversant with.  I edited a book on this topic awhile back.  It ended up never going to print because the publisher ran into rough waters…but I learned a lot.  Perhaps this is a topic I should give a little talk about here at Horizon House.  Maybe in June, which the Garden Committee has dubbed “Garden Month at Horizon House”.

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It’s raining!  But, then, we DO live in Seattle, where it’s supposed to be raining all the time.  You do know that that is a lie, right?  And THAT is NOT “fake news”.

In fact, yesterday it was quite nice.  In the 50’s, with sun shining and an invitation screaming at me to get out onto the garden terraces.  img_6061So, of course I went, iPod camera in hand in order to capture some more of those early appearances!  As you can see, the gardens are subdued from a distance, but that will change SOON!

The first thing I saw was a ROBIN! img_6058 I am from the Northeastern corner of this great country, so to me, a robin is a true harbinger of spring!  In Seattle however, they tend to be here all the time.  But, I don’t care.  I’ll still assume s/he was chirping to me the happy news that Spring is about here.  I hope that makes you as happy as it does me.

As I wandered around the terraces, I saw rose buimg_6043shes with new growth bursting forth at the end of each branch or where ever else they felt like coming.  One rose (actually a few) had had an early spring/late winter pruning and looked a bit sparse, but give them a week or so, and it will have a ton of those red buds as well. img_6052


Bulbs, both large and small, were sending up their tendrils of leaves, reaching for the sun and getting ready to form a bud or two. img_6036 Some of them already had!  Oh, joy!



There were helebores still showing their lovely blooms, which had been showing all winter, but are even more lovely now.  Legend has it that they are the tears of a girl who had come to see the Christ Child, but had no gift.  That is one of the reasons some folks call this the Christmas Rose, even though it has NO relation to any rose you or I know!

Ib’s decorative Kale is a spectacular eye catcher.  It stands a few feet tall…and begs to be noticed, which img_6054of course, it is!

As big as the kale is, there are also tiny sprouts making their unobtrusive appearance.img_6049

By time June rolls around, the gardens will be full of color and ready to welcome you to our Garden Tours and Presentations.  Stay tuned!img_6035

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Oh, yes!  There is hope and renewal in the garden…everyone’s garden.  I took these pictures of our gardens just this week.  Go and look for yourselves!

Some things never died back.

img_6014 Some things are budding and preparing to burst forth.img_6015img_6017

Branches are forming.


I noticed one of the roses (in fact the one pictured) has a plastic label around the stem.  It is too tight.  It has obviously been on there for a few years.  It’s time to cut it off.  Remember, even plastic will strangle a plant.  Cut those labels off as soon as you notice they are getting a bit tight.  But, goodness, look at those new stems just itching to get longer!!

Bulbs are pushing up toward the sun.img_6021

Have you begun checking out the gardening catalogues yet?  They are full of colorful ideas.  You don’t have to buy anything…just enjoy making plans!

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