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Do you believe it?  The blooms are about to completely take over this little croton!IMG_4241

It is the same little stem that has carried blooms now FOUR times!  No new leaves…just flowers!

How do I get it to add a few new leaves?  I don’t need so many flowers!



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I have this little croton that has resided on my windowsill for the last year.  I think it’s been about a year!  It drops leaves, and on rare occasions gets a new one.  It is not much bigger than when I got it…TINY!  IMG_4239BUT, it also has little “blossoms”.  They are cute, but rather small and insignificant.  IMG_3831They appear on a stem, and flower and flower and flower.  That stem appeared with little “globules” on it.  Those globules turned into the little blossoms.  The blossoms fell off, as blossoms are wont to do, and lo and behold…new globules appeared only to go through the entire process again.  The plant is now on it’s FOURTH go round of blossoms; on the same little branch; doing nothing but blooming.  I’m totally perplexed, but also delighted.

Crotons are supposed to be VERY easy to deal with.  I have looked them up on line and found a few links that might help.  Some suggest keeping them pretty damp; others say keep them dry.  ALL of them say not to move them any more than necessary.  Here’s a link that answers some common questions about how to grow them successfully.  Here is another informational site that will also answer some questions about the entire process.

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