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Here is some promised information about city composting.  This little video shows some folks from King County learning about compost and what happens to it after it leaves our kitchens.

In this case the people are from a neighborhood, not an apartment building.  SO… they have yard waste as well.  We don’t have yard waste, but for a complex this size, we sure have LOTS of kitchen waste.  So, just imagine how much of that wonderful compost our kitchen scraps will generate.  Even though Horizon House may not use the resulting compost, it will surely help other folks have nutrient rich soil.

By separating this portion of our garbage stream, we can keep a WHOLE lot of product OUT of our landfill.

So, here’s the little video.  Observe and be educated!

King County Composts


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Right below our window (we’re on the 14th floor) at about the 4th story level, Horizon House is installing a “Green Roof”.  It is a very slow process.  They have been at it since before we arrived on March 27th, 2012.  When it is completed it should be a very nice addition to the facility.  There will be lawn, planter boxes, shrubs and trees.  I am anxious to see it in it’s completed form.

Horizon House is extremely environmently conscious.  Our trash is separated into three different portions.  Recycling, compost and normal garbage that fits neither of the other two categories.  I don’t know of any complex, as huge as ours, that actually collects compost.  Perhaps it’s because we are in Seattle.  Seattle, and Washington in general, have a reputation to be very environmentally focused.

I have tried to find an article on the web that might explain what happens with our compost.  I couldn’t find one.  Hmmm….  Maybe that’s a place for me to start with this blog.

Right here, let me give you a link that will give you an idea of exactly WHAT composting is, and why we should do it!  I’ll do a little research and get back to you about that!

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I’ve now been here 2 months!

We have been so busy, I haven’t taken time to make myself a gardening blog out here in the Pacific Northwest.  This morning, however, I’ve begun!  I’ve gotten a new blog, a new email address to go along with it, and now all I need to do is to start posting.  That will all come!  I will try to get my other blog followers to follow me out here, so I’m far from done!

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